How Do You Place Ads Over Your YouTube Videos?

You’ve probably heard about the incredible success that many YouTubers have been able to achieve by using their channels as a launching point for brands. There are endless opportunities for content creators to earn money off their channels. Of course, all of these opportunities require that you first have a YouTube audience. And one of the best ways to grow your community is by placing YouTube ads over your videos!

You Can Manually Place Ads Over Your YouTube Videos

First of all, you can use the YouTube ad manager to place ads on your channel. This allows you to choose which ad types show up and where they appear on the screen. You’ll also be able to see how much revenue each of those ads generates for you before deciding whether or not it’s worth keeping them there.

If you already have an AdSense account from Google, then consider using their platform instead of trying out something new–it will save time because it’s already familiar territory for many people who work with online advertising campaigns across multiple popular online platforms.

You Can Add An AdSense Account

If you want to place ads over your YouTube videos, you can use Google AdSense and use one of the many other ad networks that exist on the web. The first step in using AdSense is to apply for an account by filling out an application form online and providing them with some basic details about yourself and what kind of content you create.

Once approved, the next step is adding their code to each YouTube video so that it can serve up relevant ads from their database when someone watches it. You’ll get paid based on how many clicks each video gets from users watching them – more views per month (more than 1000) means higher earnings potential!

You Can Also Use Google Ad Manager To Place Ads

If you want to place YouTube ads over your videos, but don’t have the time or resources to create a custom ad campaign, Google Ad Manager is a good option. This is a free service that allows anyone with an AdSense account to create and manage their ad campaigns using existing templates.

You can use this tool if you have videos on YouTube and would like them to be monetized by placing ads over them (in other words, showing ads before and/or during playback). Other than that, you can use it if you want more control over how much money you make from each YouTube video by creating custom bidding strategies for each one individually.